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BRISA’s proprietary Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostic platform allows for multiplex detection of multiple molecules through a series of onboard processing phases that permit specific and sensitive detection critical for the diagnosis of human diseases.

The POC diagnostic platform is designed for use by anyone, anywhere. It is intentionally designed and perfectly suited for use during disease outbreaks, by public health disease control programs, and in remote locations around the globe.

Simple to use and rapid (~20 mins) with easy to read displays and freedom from any external power source all make BRISA’s platform an indispensable solution for global disease diagnosis efforts.

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Many viral diseases of global impact such as Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya have similar initial clinical signs and symptoms yet very distinct disease courses that can lead to complications such as microcephaly, hemorrhagic shock and progressive arthritis respectively.

Rapid diagnosis of viral infection and the determination of present or past infections is critical for the clinician or health post worker to refer the patient for further care and exams. Exams that can be performed on the spot, at the point-of-need is also critical in disease outbreak situations and for routine use in remote and rural areas of both developed and developing countries.

In addition to viral diseases, other multi-faceted diseases such as allergies against airborne and food allergens are complex and often involve a specific immune response to more than one component in an individual’s environment. Thus, detecting immune responses against several specific allergens can aid the individual and their clinician in guiding further tests to determine what foods or airborne allergens are a danger for their health.

Today, testing and diagnosis in these areas can take weeks and in remote areas face many risks of sample contamination or destruction. Additionally, it can be difficult to contact patients again for further care if not diagnosed on the spot. BRISA’s diagnostic platform will provide actionable results before the patient leaves the clinic.

Many diseases can be diagnosed through the detection of one or more disease-related molecules in patient blood. BRISA Biotech’s multiplex onboard sample processing device (patent pending) allows for detection of several classes of molecule simultaneously from a single patient sample.

For instance, through sequential processing and independent channels, a single sample can be tested for the presence of virus-specific proteins, as well as the presence of an immune response against the same virus (anti-viral protein IgM and IgG). Thus, a single, rapid test performed on the BRISA device will provide clear evidence for both active and past infections by several viruses.

Another key solution provided by BRISA’s multiplex onboard processing device is the detection of an individual’s immune response to allergens responsible for serious food and airborne allergies. BRISA’s technology will allow for the simultaneous detection of 20+ allergens from a single blood sample.

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